“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”―Marc Riboud


I am beyond thrilled with this image that was featured in a photography magazine. The photograph was taken while I was participating in a Lifestyle with Kids photography class taught by Ashley Spaulding. It is a canvas in our house- I love it! This photograph is one of the first times I approached my photography as an artist, executing an idea to capture an everyday moment of my children. Before this course, I was just snapping away and therefore just creating snapshots. They were beautiful snapshots of our everyday lives, but not telling the complete story or creating artwork. Not only am I proud that this image has been featured among an amazing group of photographers, but I am most proud of the relationship it captures between my girls. To me relationships and kindness is something that I really aim to capture in my every day photographs.

The secret in capturing this image was to be an observer of my children’s habits and be ready to document them. I remember really reflecting about our lives right now and what I wanted to capture for my class assignment. At this point, our little one was still taking those long afternoon naps, boy do I miss those days! My oldest had transitioned out of naps and enjoyed the quiet time in the late afternoons, but she also missed her playmate and was always ready to go wake up sister. Knowing that I wanted to capture this moment, I had my camera ready. I had to be observant of the light, not much since my priority was a dark room favorable for sleep, and have my camera settings ready. High ISO- entering a dark room. Fast shutter speed- quick moving toddler. Once I knew what I was walking into and ready with my settings, I could think more creatively about how I wanted to frame it and the mood that I wanted this image evoke. Framing an image within the frame, like using the door of her room here, is one of my favorite techniques for capturing real authentic moments of my kids. I just love that you get the feeling of peeking in on them and seeing their relationship. Converting the image to black and white eliminated the distracting colors of their clothing and created a feeling that is more timeless and really focuses on them. The result is an image that we will always have hanging on our wall and focusing on the awesome relationship of these two sisters.