December Photo Ideas

Every year in December, I want to capture the perfect photographs with all the excitement of Christmasthat’s a lot of pressure! Year after year, these three ideas end up being my favorites.  I hope they work for you as well.

  1. The magic of lights– I usually try to capture this one when the decorations first come out to decorate the outside of the house or putting lights on our tree.  My husband has a little Clark Griswald in him when it comes to lights on our tree, it is a long process getting our tree wrapped in lights which gives me lots of time to capture the girls’ excitement.LLblog-20131211-89
  2. Favorite Ornament– “What is your favorite ornament?”  is an awesome question to ask each family member.  Adding details like this to your Project Life can also be a way to share the story of where that ornament came from.  blog-20131217-33
  3. Holiday PJs– I cannot resist the matching Christmas Jammies for my girls.  On more than one occasion we have sent our annual Chirstmas cards with the girls dressed in PJs…. it is so much easier than stressing about everyone having coordinated clothing for a family photo. Seriously, how can you not smile when you see these elf PJs?blog-20131220-168