Project Life: Title Page

I’m getting ready to start my seventh year of Project Life (crazy how many photos I’ve taken) and I was reflecting how it my albums have evolved over the years. Most years I’ve done a photo a day in chronological order, with a few extra when life is too full to choose just one photo.  Project Life by Becky Higgins has had numerous benefits for me, one of them is taking a photo a day is a fabulous way to improve your photography.  Second, printing photographs for my Project Life album is a simple way to release my photographs from being trapped on my computer and lost in digital media.  I could go on, and on about Project Life, but the purpose of this post is to create a simple title page to get the album started.

My favorite title pages all have the following included:

  • Our names and ages– yes, I know that not everyone loves publishing their age. I think it helps set the cast of characters and looking back on the albums’ years later, including ages gives a time and perspective for that year of our lives.
  • A portrait of each of us–  One of my favorite ways to ring in the new year is to do something as a family on January 1st.  I think this tradition started when I was a kid and I remember a cool hike near the coast.  This is also a great opportunity to get some portraits to start the year.
  • the year

2014- Honey EditionPLblog-20151218-7

2013- Clementine EditionPLblog-20151218-10

2012- Cobalt EditionPLblog-20151220-2
2011- Amber EditionPLblog-20151218-12

2015- Midnight Edition


*I’m including 2015 to show being flexible is key to Project Life!  The individual portraits didn’t happen and that’s 100% ok! My five year old was happy to step in to complete the portraits, I love that this page captures her art and our family!

Keeping it simple and including these elements is how I plan to start 2016. I hope you decide to do Project Life this year, too.  I’ll be sharing ideas for keeping it simple and focusing on how to capture real life moments.


  • […] We get so busy with our daily lives that sometimes it is easy to forget to focus on the most important things. Each month I’m going to post a photo idea to focus on something that I think is important to capture. I’ll also include some tips and ideas on making each focus photo better.  My hope it that you will have at least 12 new photographs that it might become favorites of 2016. This month I’m focusing on the portrait. The start of a new year is a wonderful time to get individual photos of each family member and I also like to include these in my Project Life title page (described in this post). […]ReplyCancel