Capturing a 365 with the Collect app


Taking photos with your phone is awesome because you always have a camera with you. However, sometimes these thousands of photos just sit on your phone and get forgotten. A few years ago I started using the Collect app to “collect” these photos and organize them. The calendar feature is a great visual and at first I just started sharing it on Instagram.

Last summer I realized that this would be a great addition to my project Life album and the Project Life app was the easy step to get it printed. Here are my steps:

  1. Download the Collect app and the Project Life app. Two of my favorite and most used apps. Well worth the few dollars they cost.Collect app1
  2. Use the calendar to organize your photos.
  3. Within the app you can make purchases for a calendar grid, they have a few that are free and some upgraded collages. I usually just take a screen shot from my phone and use that, plus it is free. As long as you are not enlarging too big the resolution is fine.collect app2
  4. In the Project Life app, I open the “Squared Away 16” layout and drop my photos into it. I choose 12 extra photos that I want to enlarge that are highlights from my phone camera roll for the month and then print.


I love how the final Project Life pages are printed and the quality is awesome! If you take a ton of pictures with you iPhone this is a “must do” in my book.


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