Project Life Q & A: New Mom Getting Started

blog20160112-9045I recently got a question from a reader that wanted to start Project Life AND is a new mom.  Having a new little one and being an overwhelmed with mommy duties is EXACTLY how and why I started doing Project Life 7 years ago! I was not a scrapbooker and still don’t even consider myself one now. For me Project Life is simply about the words and the photographs.  Starting Project Life as a new mom is a way to have a little “me” time, do something creative, and create something your family will enjoy for many years in the future.  Project Life is a win-win!

So, digital vs physical kit…. I think for a new mom the physical kit is the best way to start. Most moms’ don’t have the time to sit on her computer and create the digital pages. Staring at a computer is the last thing I wanted to do.  Right now, a reason to consider digital would be to print multiple books for family members. I know Becky Higgins does a 52 family yearbook type book each year and prints a copy for each of her 3 kids. That is a very cool feature.  Plus a printed book takes up a lot less shelf space. So, you need to asses where you are at and what your priority is- for me I still prefer to not be tethered to a computer and I like that I can work on my Project Life album right at the kitchen table in the midst of homework, art projects, and all the other chaos centered around our table (we do eat there too).

Getting started can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Set up the book- put the journaling cards in and the title cards in Doing it for someone getting started might be big help because then all they have to do is add the photos and words.
  2. Print a stack of photographs.

*If you are considering purchasing a Project Life kit for a new mom, offer to come to her house and set it up for her.  Better yet, bring a stack of printed photographs over for her and offer to play with the baby while she has some time to add the photos and journaling! Win-win, again!

I have to mention one more option, the Project Life app, I think is the perfect for everyone!  It is awesome and super easy to keep up with if you use an iPhone (Android is coming next month). I either use iPhone photos or upload photos from Dropbox and then create pages on my phone when I’m waiting to pick up kids at school or during sports practice. Plus from the app the prints are processed by WHCC lab. By the end of this year you should be able to order a printed book from WHCC directly from the app… that’s a total win for keeping up!!!

Do you have a question about Project Life? Send me an email or comment and I am happy to respond.