Project Life Q&A: What if I don’t have enough to photograph?

photolistQuestion: I just got my first Project Life kit and I’m excited and worried! I know that sounds strange.  I’m worried that my life isn’t exciting enough and that I will run out of ideas of what to take pictures of each and every day for 356 days! Do you have any ideas to share?

Oh my goodness, yes! I actually remember that feeling and 2016 is a leap year, so I you actually need 366 things to photograph!  Don’t worry, I can help you out on this one. Your question feels really familiar, when my friend first told me about Project 365, I remember thinking that sounded crazy.  How would I possibly think of that many things to photograph and not have my final album be a complete bore?  So, here is what I did.  I sat down on my computer and made a list.  I wrote down every idea that popped into my head and that list was where I would look for inspiration on day when I felt stuck or uncreative.  I’ll start a list for you.  Take the ideas you want, add more, ignore the ones that don’t inspire you.

Everyday Things to Photograph:

  1. your alarm clock- the time you wake up
  2. first thing you do in the morning
  3. your bedside table and what is on it
  4. favorite coffee mug or other beverage
  5. the sunrise
  6. your view from your kitchen window
  7. your typical breakfast
  8. the contents of your purse or gym bag or wallet
  9. diver’s license or photo idea- fun to photograph the person holding this with a shallow depth of field
  10. your shoes- really cute to line up everyone in your family’s shoes
  11. family pets
  12. the exterior of your house
  13. favorite toys- I have a photo of my iPhone laying next to my daughter’s baby toys
  14. favorite products- could be make-up, food, technology you can’t live without, etc.
  15. morning getting ready- kids brushing teeth or getting hair done
  16. your commute- car, walk, bus, train or other transportation
  17. screen shot of your computer or phone or email inbox
  18. your desk or work space
  19. what you bring to work, I have a photograph of my husband’s gear & uniforms waiting by the door
  20. what you’re reading
  21. kid’s backpacks, lunch boxes
  22. who makes/ packs lunches and what’s typical
  23. closets- kids ones are super fun to look back on
  24. left behind- after everyone is out the door look around and see evidence of who left
  25. in the mirror
  26. neighborhood- street signs
  27. screenshot of you neighborhood or house on Goggle maps
  28. school drop off line- of course not while driving
  29. kid’s classroom door or line up of student’s in line
  30. good-bye waves
  31. calendar or other tool to keep family organized
  32. evidence of after school activities- soccer gear, ballet bags, swimsuits, etc.
  33. homework routine or place where it gets done
  34. love where you live, what symbolizes your town- this is a fun one to play tourist at home
  35. exercise- treadmill, walk, gym, workout buddy (human or dog)
  36. hands or jewelry- hands can be really telling and something that is memorable about a person
  37. what you listen to- I like to screenshot my playlist or podcast que
  38. walking in the door- “daddy’s home!” shots are super fun or your pet that greets you at the door
  39. relaxing time- what do you do to unwind?
  40. mailbox- pile of catalogues your subscribe to, mailbox or mail carrier
  41. to do list or planner or grocery list
  42. Library card or library book pile
  43. sunset
  44. dinner prep- who’s cooking and what’s everyone else doing?
  45. setting the table, chores
  46. around the table- do people have favorite seats
  47. family game night- totally a favorite for photographs
  48. getting messy- the messy eater, crafts, paints, muddy outside
  49. seasons- what changes in your yard, I have an awesome Japanese Maple that changes every season
  50. reading time- who reads, where and what
  51. laundry- I know this one sounds crazy, but it’s fun to look back on
  52. writing- I love to capture my kids handwriting of their names as it changes over time
  53. treasures in kids rooms- what is on their shelves
  54. beds- made or unmade they tell a story especially if they have a pile of stuffed animals on them
  55. family heirlooms- great to photograph and add a story about who they belong to

*Notice most of these ideas are without people and can be photographed any time throughout the day.  When I was first getting started forming the habit of a photo a day, I set an alarm on my phone for noon and my goal was to have at least one potential photo by that time.  This really helped me get a photograph in good lighting as opposed  to the artificial light that doesn’t photograph well in the evenings.

If you haven favorite “go to” photographs I’d love for you to share them in the comments.