February Focus Photo: Lovey

It’s a new month and that means it is time to intentionally focus your lens. My monthly focus photo post is a photo idea to focus on something that is important to capture. Plus I include some tips and ideas on making each focus photo better.  My hope it that you will have at least 12 new photographs that it might become favorites of 2016. This month I’m focusing on the lovey.  This is a sweet reminder to find something that is well loved right now and photograph it.  It is also a great opportunity to write/  journal about the little lovey and how it came to be.



Meet Bunny.  Bunny used to be white. Bunny came in an easter basket with a few identical friends that we hoped could substitute in when he needed a bath or doctor visit.  Bunny is a one and only.  Bunny is loved. Bunny is no longer white.  Bunny comforts.  If you are really lucky you get to sniff Bunny.  Bunny is very special.



  • brainstorm what you want to photograph and why- this is alway a great place to start because it will give you ideas about what you want the final image to look like.  Being intentional always produces better photographs.
  • ask your child if you can take a photo of their lovey and if they have any ideas on how to make the photograph.  Involving them can make it a family project and be a lot more fun, especially if you have a child that gets frustrated with always being your subject.
  • if taking indoors, look for a room with good lighting


  • watch the play and without being intrusive take photos of the action
  • engage in conversation and if possible continue to chat while you are taking the photograph-talking to my girls about their special guys always elicits a natural smile and often they will give the lovey a hug while talking- be ready
  • as with anytime you are getting an intimate photo of a person, try find an angle where some light is reflecting in his or her eyes
  • my favorite angle to shoot from for these photographs is at their eye level. Shooting directly on at the person’s level gives the viewer a perspective of their world.


  • share your photo with the child!
  • These would also be a fun temporary photo display to put out a every year and remember to take a new one each year!