Project Life Questions Answered: Choosing What to Print

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.54.29 AMQuestion: I’m jumping into PL this year. I have a physical copy of Olive edition that I hope to use but I struggle with having to first decide what size & which photos to print. Any tips along that line?

I completely understand the dilemma deciding which photos to print and sizes. I take a ton of photographs and narrowing it down to decide what to print is hard.  This is my 7th year of PL (crazy!?!?) and my most successful years are when I just print a POTD(photo of the day) and don’t over think it. I almost always print 4×6 horizontal for keeping it simple and stick with the most simplistic for me, which is Design A pages.

Now the hard part is choosing one photo.  Honestly, I don’t always choose my “best” photo of the day because that is not the goal of the project for me. My Project Life is a family yearbook, so I choose the photograph that represents us right now. I have to take my photographer hat off and embrace the messy part of our lives to truly make this project a representation of real life. I do this for my kids- it is not a portfolio showing off my best photography- and so the pictures that I think they will want to have many years in the future are the ones that show their messy rooms, mismatched clothes, daily routines, favorite pajamas, our struggles as well as our successes, etc. It is not the prettiest picture perfect moments of our lives! I think about what is important to us right now and what fleeting moments of this stage in our lives am I likely to forget and that is what I try to capture each day. Keeping it real with the struggles and successes makes it more valuable.  Project life has been a lens though which I look and find something about each day to appreciate. As hokey as that sounds, it has made me a better person, more patient, and happier mom. You will not regret doing it!

I’d also be happy to share how I use Lightroom to organize and edit my photos if anyone is interested.  Lightroom is the center of my workflow and a great tool for anyone that takes tons of photographs.