March Focus Photo: Reading



My monthly focus photo post is a photo idea to intentionally focus your lens on something that is important to capture. I’m also sharing some tips and ideas on making each focus photo better.  My hope it that you will have at least 12 new photographs that it might become favorites of 2016. Since March is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day, it is the perfect month to focusing on reading.  I love looking back on my Project Life albums and find photos that remind me of our favorite books and all the time we have spent reading together.



  • look round your house for evidence of what books are important to each family member right now. I usually have a my current reading pile on my nightstand, my kids have reading piles everywhere, we also have library book bags, and my husband uses a kindle.  Thinking about where our books are and when we read helps me be intentional about what and when I want to photograph.
  • one of our routines is reading before bed.  Unfortunately, this is a low light situation, so if I want to photograph in low light I’ll need to increase ISO, slow shutter speed, open up your aperture, and possibly embrace a more grainy image.


  • if you are capturing yourself or a moment of reading together use a tripod, self-timer or remote to get in the frame
  • shoot from multiple angles
    • birds eye view – gives you the readers perspective and allows the viewer  to see some of the text (and illustrations for young readers)
    • wide angle shot – gives the setting and context
    • close up- focuses on one detail, this can be with or without a person in the frame


  • add to your Project life album and add a journal card with thoughts about your current reading
  • consider repeating this photo assignment again at another time in the year