Get in the Frame

I know how much easier it is to say this than to actually make it happen, but YOU need to be in the pictures too.  It’s your life and even though you might have a million excuses and a zillion justifications for why you are always being the lens, you need to get in front.

Here are my best tips for actually making it happen:

  1. Start simple- use a mirror. Or every time you see a reflective surface and you have your camera in hand take a shot.  We have a large vertical mirror in our entry hall and this was the perfect place for me to start. If my camera was in hand and we were on our way out the door I would quickly take a snapshot.  Yep, I said snapshot because that is a start.  Once you get used to peeking out from behind the camera you can then you can move on to letting go of the camera. GIF-20160115-9149
  2. Forget perfect- Do not wait until your house is clean, the dishes are done and you’ve got everything checked off your “to do” list.  Picture perfect moments are not worth waiting for, but real moments are all around you and worth remembering in a photograph.  Don’t wait.  Start getting in the frame now. blogWS20141110-29
  3. Self-Timer- set your camera on the counter, ignore it and use the feature that is already built into your camera.  Set the self timer while you are making coffee or breakfast an capture life documentary style.  GIF-20160115-9195
  4. Tripods- you have to be more intentionally about this one to get your tripod set up, it is really worth it when you get your camera set up to frame the perfect moment.GIF-20150909-54
  5. Remotes- my kids LOVE this! Using a remote makes picture taking really fun for my kids because they get to hold the remote and be in control.  The result is fun and about 100 out-takes that need to be deleted.  So glad we are in the digital age of photography!GIF-20150903-42

My hope is that by sharing all these photos you’ll decide to take one idea and get in the frame too.


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