Project Life Idea: 6×8 Album

I created a 6×8 album for my Kindergartener to focus on her first year of elementary school.  My intent was to expand on a few details and include stories of her kindergarten year.


I started with the Navy Stripe 6×8 album.  The dividers with the months on them are Weekly Planner pages that were originally sold a Michaels stores.



I added the Little Picasso theme cards (love these) to the Weekly Planner pages.  Including the Little Picasso theme cards lets my daughter add to the album with her own drawings.  The prompts on the Little Picasso cards are great and I have chosen to spread them out throughout the year.  Starting with a self portrait will really show how her art evolves over the course of the year.


Using Design 3 pages and Childhood Mini Wellington edition to share a story about soccer.


As you can see the Little Picasso theme card above is still waiting for my daughter’s drawing.


The photo is adhered right onto Weekly Planner pages.


The left side shows the back of the Weekly planner pages with a photo adhered right onto it and the Little Picasso theme cards.  Right side shows Design 3 pages and journal card from the Girl themed card.



Right side shows Design 3 pages and Girl themed cards. I loved adding a little story detail about picking her up from school and this photo from in the car.  Left side the photo is adhered right onto Weekly Planner pages.