Project Life: 10 Things About YOU Mini Albums

These are a“10 Things about you” monthly mini album I do for both of my kids.  I completed their first mini albums this month and we are all so excited.  Now every time a guest stops by our house my littlest grabs the album and wants to show them all the pages! So awesome.  I would strongly encourage anyone to take on this project- we all have time to notice 10 little (or big) things about the people we love in our lives.  Clearly, these albums are treasured by my girls!

This is the final page of my youngest daughter’s album. So proud of myself for recently completing “10 Things about you” for a whole mini album showing 34 months of their lives.


Products: BH Mini Album, confetti edition and girl theme cards



Products: BH Mini Album, Just Add Color edition with letter stickers included in Just Add color kit.