Project Life: Confetti edition

This layout was featured on Becky Higgin’s blog for the creative team this month.

A few of my favorite strategies for completing Project Life:

  1. iPhone photos- like the one I took by holding my phone out as we walked to school are a great way to capture a real moment.
  2. using just one core kit and pulling a few cards that have a similar color pattern makes it all cohesive.
  3. journaling the good and the bad- adding what is challenging right now is a way to keep it real.
  4. varying perspective when taking photos- I love the “peeking in” view as well as the looking at the camera smiles.


Products: Design A pages, Confetti edition, BH date stamp, photo on the left side has a journaling card that is horizontal orientation saying “some days you just have to create your own sunshine” from confetti edition cropped and added to photo.